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Joshua Tree Elopement at L’Horizon Palm Springs

John & Alexandra’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. It was effortlessly beautiful, and placed emphasis on all the right things… the things that mattered most to them and made their wedding day so special. On a Tuesday in the middle of the desert, these two made it official after 10 years of dating. Photographing their wedding was one of my career highlights. Not because it was “fancy” or at the most expensive wedding venue, but because it was my dream wedding with dream clients. Simply perfect, and so beautifully “them”. 

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Cypress Sea Cove Wedding in Malibu

Austin & Lauren were one of the first weddings I booked for 2018 and it could not have set the tone for my year any better. These two are the kind of people that become your instant friends. We met up at a local cafe for a consultation but ended up staying for close to two hours just talking anything and everything. That’s how you know it’s going to be good. Lauren is one of the most uplifting people, someone who would cheerlead on even a stranger, and Austin is so kind and you can see the complete adoration he has for her- even 9 years into dating her. It’s no wonder they were meant to be. Read on to see more from Austin & Lauren’s wedding at Cypress Sea Cove in Malibu…

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Oahu Destination Wedding at Paradise Cove

I feel so lucky that one of the first weddings I ever shot was a destination wedding in Oahu and here I was returning to photograph another wedding in Oahu 9 years later. Josh and Sharon had the sweetest, most intimate wedding and there were happy tears all day. Their absolute love for each other just poured out throughout the day.

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