What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session by Malibu Wedding Photographer Lovisa Photo
What to Wear to Your Engagement Session by Temecula Wedding Photographer Lovisa Photo

We've all seen good AND bad engagement photos. But it doesn't come down to just picking the right photographer, you've gotta look good too! As a wedding photographer, I get asked ALL the time what couples should wear to their engagement session. I've answered some of the most frequently asked questions, along with some of my best tips for brides, to help you plan what to wear to your engagement session. If you have any other questions or tips of your own, feel free to comment!


Dress Comfortably

My first piece of advice is to dress comfortably. If you are uncomfortable at your engagement session, it will most likely show through in your engagement photos. Make sure everything fits correctly and works well with the setting. You wouldn’t wear heels to the beach, or a scarf and sweater on a summer day, so don’t attempt to pull that off on the day of your engagement session.

Something Old and Something New

I always love to recommend that couples wear one outfit or item that they already own, and another that they bought new for the engagement session. Wearing something you already own is a good idea because it is tried and true and so very YOU. You know that it fits well and you will feel confident in that. Buying a new outfit or item for the engagement session is fun because it gives you a chance to feel extra special during the session. I know that I always feel great when I put on a brand new dress. If the item is new shoes, try to wear them around the house to break them in before the session. Nothing is worse than a blister!

Is it okay to wear prints?

I personally love prints, and think they bring a fun element to engagement photos. Don’t be afraid to get playful with prints. Just make sure they don’t clash with one another and aren’t too distracting.

What colors should I wear?

There’s nothing I love more than a light and neutral color palette filled with cream, blush, tan, grey and white. I think it really helps create light and airy photos. But a pop of color can be fun too! Just be intentional about it. Maybe choose a bright lipstick, scarf, or pants and keep the rest of the palette toned down.

Should we match?

Okay, we’ve all seen it. The awful photo of a family of 5 all wearing white shirts and light blue denim. There’s nothing worse than being too matchy matchy. That being said, I do believe couples should coordinate their outfits to work well together. Play off of each other’s outfits to find a color palette and prints that work well together. If you’re going for a fall color palette, maybe find a plaid scarf that has a hint of color in it that matches his shirt. Or if he is wearing bright red pants, maybe wear bright red lipstick to tie the look together. It’s a subtle way to create a look that comes together flawlessly.

Casual or Dressy?

This comes down to a personal decision. Ultimately, the engagement session is meant to capture who you are as a couple! If you love to dress up, go for it! But if you are a more casual couple, there is nothing wrong with wearing a more every day look. I know some days, I feel just as confident in Converse and blue jeans as I would in a dress. Some couples like to bring one dressy and one casual outfit, but the choice is up to you. I do highly recommend that brides choose a long flowy dress for at least one of your outfits. 

How many outfits should we bring?

When it comes to this, I believe that less is more. I always recommend that couples limit themselves to two outfits, or even wear one outfit but bring a jacket or change of top to switch up the look easily. You won’t want to waste precious time during your session trying to find a restroom to change in.

Any extra advice?

Yes! If you are able to, I would suggest getting your hair and make up done professionally. You've spent good money on these photos, so don't cut corners when it comes to looking your best! Professionals know how to apply your makeup in a way that photographs well and lasts all day. If you have hired a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day, then why not schedule your trial appointment for the day of the engagement session? Or go get a blow out for under $40! Treat yo'self girl! I promise you will love your photos even more. Also, don't forget to have your nails freshly painted. You won't want chipped nails in your photos.


xx Erin

All photos were captured by Malibu wedding photographer Lovisa Photo. To see more tips for brides like this one, check out 12 Things to Do After You Get Engaged, or this 6 Reasons to Do an Engagement Session