Bride Guide: 6 Reasons to do an Engagement Session

6 Reasons to do an Engagement Session

Reasons to do an Engagement Session by Long Beach Wedding Photographer Lovisa Photo.

Hi friends!

Today I want to share 6 Reasons to do an engagement session with you! As a wedding photographer I hear couples ask if they really "need" an engagement session and see it as an opportunity to save money. There is nothing wrong with saving money or sticking to a budget. But if you merely see an engagement session as just photos, I'm here to tell you there are SO many uses for them other than sharing them on Facebook. I actually printed more of my engagement photos than my wedding photos and have them hanging throughout our place. I see them as a better reflection of who we are in regular every day life and I LOVE that our wedding photographer was able to capture that side of us! So read on, you may look at engagement photos in a whole new way...

1. You'll get beautiful photos

This sounds like a no-brainer, but seriously, when was the last time you had professional photos taken? Engagement sessions capture all the joy and excitement of this season of life with memories that will last a lifetime. Personally, I really loved having photos that I could hang around our new home that captured our "everyday" life together, and not just our wedding day. 

2. Your engagement photos have many uses

Aside from hanging the photos throughout your new home, you can use your engagement session photos for your save-the-dates, guest sign-in book, and invitations. Not to mention, you can display them around your wedding and bridal shower. I'm planning to do another post that talks about all the different ways you can use your engagement photos so stay tuned!

3. Practice for the big day!

Chances are you haven't spent a lot of time in front of professional cameras. It can be intimidating having several cameras pointed at you, but the engagement session is a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the cameras so you can relax and be yourselves on the big day. 

4. Establish a relationship with your wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite parts throughout the wedding process is shooting the engagement session. It really gives me a chance to get to know each couple as they are. Each couple is so different and through getting to know them I am able to truly capture and photograph their story on their wedding day. 

5. Better control over the light and location

Wedding days can be stressful. You have to follow a strict timeline, and have limited time to take photos. In addition, your timeline may not allow for photos during the best daylight and the location choices for wedding photos is limited to a close radius of your venue. Your engagement session is much less pressure since there's no timeline, and you're able to take the photos whenever and wherever you want- in the mountains, the desert, or that gorgeous field you've been driving past on your way home from work. We'll also make sure to time it perfectly so you can get some gorgeous sunset photos with the most flattering light. 

6. While you're at it, plan a date night

I love to advise all of my brides to schedule their hair and makeup trials for the same day as the engagement session so they can double down! While you're all dressed up and looking your best, you might as well have a date night afterwards!


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