Bride Guide: 12 Things to do after you get engaged

12 Things to do after you get engaged!

Things to do after you get engaged by Long Beach Wedding Photographer Lovisa Photo.

Right after my husband, Grant, proposed to me I remember the feeling. "Holy cow! I'm engaged!". That moment had finally come. But after the initial shock wore off, and I'd told the story of how he asked 1,000 times, that feeling was quickly followed up by the overwhelming question of "where do I begin?". Engagement is an exciting and crazy time in your life. But before getting overwhelmed with wedding planning, make sure to check out this list that I've put together for you- 12 things to do after you get engaged. 

1. Announce your engagement to your family and friends

This one is a no-brainer! If you happened to have a proposal photographer capture the special moment, ask if they would be willing to send you a few of the sneak peeks right away to use in your announcement! 

2. Celebrate!

Pop some bubbly and celebrate with your friends and family! An engagement party is a great opportunity for everyone to congratulate you in person and see your new ring! 

3. Take some time before you start wedding planning

Your life is about to go through some new and exciting changes, so take some time to relish in the moment before the wedding planning starts. We made a point to not start wedding planning for the first month of our engagement and I'm so glad we did. 

4. Have a date Night

Enjoy your first date together as fiancés! Trust me, it's really fun to say. Let the restaurant know you're celebrating your engagement and they may take extra special care of you!  

5. Come up with a wedding hashtag

Start thinking about your wedding hashtag. This is a great way to let your friends and family see all of the photos from the proposal, engagement party, bridal shower, and eventually your wedding day! If you need some help coming up with a wedding hashtag, check out Wedding Wire's Hashtag Generator or ask your closest friends to help you come up with some ideas!

6. Start an inspiration board

It's time to start day dreaming about your big day! Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and help you narrow in on your theme and color palette. Pinterest has some amazing boards to help you decide on your wedding color palette.

12 things to do after you get engaged by Long Beach wedding photographer Lovisa Photo.

7. Choose a season

Look back at your wedding inspiration boards and you may see a trend. If you are falling in love with pastels, you may be leaning towards a spring wedding. Bright splashy colors? You may want to consider a summer wedding. Jewel tones are a beautiful choice for a Fall wedding. You'll also want to consider what the weather will be like during that time of year. 

8. Set a budget

Set a budget for your wedding and stick to it! Money conversations can be difficult, but just remember what is important at the end of the day is that you'll be married to the love of your life. My husband and I chose our top 2-3 things that were the most important to us and the rest we decided to be open minded about in case we needed to compromise. For example, having a great wedding photographer was important to us, so in order to be able to afford the wedding photographer we wanted, we made room in the budget by not doing wedding favors, having our wedding on a Friday, etc. 

9. book your venue

Start looking around for wedding venues that fit your budget and style. There are so many styles of wedding venues out there, The Wedding Spot is a great resource to find the wedding venue of your dreams!

10. Set a date

This one goes simultaneously with booking your venue. You may choose to set the date before you choose your venue, but it will limit your options. Your dream venue may not end up being available on your wedding date. 

11. Open a joint bank account

Each couple is different, and this may not be for everyone. But this the first of many small steps for my (now) husband and I towards building our life together. It was exciting, and it really helped us get on the same page with managing our finances during the final stages of wedding planning. 

12. Get your ring insured

Trust me. Just do it. Hopefully you'll never have to file a claim, but if you do at least you can have peace of mind during a stressful time. 


All photos were captured by Malibu wedding photographer Lovisa Photo. To see more tips for brides like this one, check out 12 Things to Do After You Get Engaged, or this 6 Reasons to Do an Engagement Session