Palm Springs Wedding at Colony 29

Wedding at Colony 29 in Palm Springs

I hit it off with Victor & Elaine almost instantly when they contacted me to photograph their Palm Springs wedding at Colony 29. They told me the story of how they met and got engaged and told me that they wanted to recreate this story for their UCLA engagement session. I absolutely loved this idea because it had so much meaning and I was so honored to be able to capture that for them.

After we had an absolute blast shooting their engagement session, I fell in love with them all over again on their wedding day. It was a perfect November day with the most gorgeous light (that Palm Springs is notorious for). Victor and Elaine were surrounded by their closest family and friends as they celebrated their exchanging of vows. There were lots of happy tears shed and definitely so much laughter. It's clear that these two live life to the fullest and they are so loved by everyone around them. They sure know how to throw one hell of a party! 

Read on to hear more about their story and wedding day in Palm Springs...

Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs

How the Bride and Groom met...

From the Bride- "Vic and I met while students at UCLA in 2008. I was invited by a friend to attend an alumni networking event and without thinking twice, I went. As I would at other networking events, I met some great people and one of the people I met that day would change my whole life. I met Vic and we shook hands- which he argues is the longest handshake he's ever experienced (I beg to differ but sure). We exchanged names and soon enough connect on AIM and the rest is history. Even with his crazy work hours, we always found ways to have foodie dates and talk. I appreciated the connection we had and we grew into friends and eventually it developed into much more. We both were goal driven and we knew that we were looking for someone to not complete us but someone who would complement each of us to be the best we could be.

Fast forward to 7+ years of dating...we have been there for each other for our highest and lowest points, pushed each other to go to grad school (he completed his MBA and I competed my Masters in Communications), traveled to almost 30 countries together and experienced the world together... but more than anything, Vic has been my constant- someone I continue to love more each day and someone I continue to learn from and admire."

How He Proposed...

From the Bride- "Vic is a person who takes the time to plan things thoughtfully and meticulously- double checking details, mulling over different scenarios, weighing out pros and cons and planning the perfect execution of his vision. The proposal was no exclusion. December 29, 2016- Vic insisted on picking me up from work prior to our flight out to Vegas days before New Year’s Eve and to celebrate in one of our favorite places. The plan we agreed upon was dinner at our favorite restaurant C&O Trattoria because Vic didn't want to waste their gift cards "expiring at the end of the year" (lies). Once at Venice Beach where the restaurant was, Vic revealed that the reservation wasn't for another hour and suggested grabbing some drinks at Cabo Cantina across the street. Once at Cabo Cantina, we were seated at the exact table where we shared our first drinks together almost 8 years ago. We watched the sunset while sipping on their margaritas (just like our first date, I insisted that we didn't share a drink and each get one). 

On the way to restaurant, Vic suggested a short detour to the Venice Beach Pier which was just a short walk from Cabo Cantina. We walked down the pier and stopped by the exact spot where we shared our first kiss. I was still clueless about what was about to happen but appreciated Vic's sentiments reminiscing about how far we had come as a couple since our first date. Getting hangry and cold, we finally made our way to the restaurant. 

We finally made it to C&O Trattoria and ordered our favorite dish which is the Lobster Linguini (and of course, devoured the unlimited garlic knots). This restaurant was a favorite date night spot and where we have celebrated many birthdays and milestones. I was so excited to eat and Vic was not himself- not eating anything besides sipping on several cups of tea! 

As dinner was winding down and food coma was setting in, a random guy named Johnny stops by their table and introduces himself as a magician from the Magic Castle. Johnny asked if he could do magic tricks for us to practice his new material and we agreed. After a few impressive magic tricks that won me over (as skeptical as I was), Johnny asked Vic to think of something he really wanted and assured us that he could make whatever it is appear. With Vegas in mind, Vic whispered into my ear "$100" and BOOM- Johnny burns a piece of paper making it into a $100 bill and handed it to Vic. 

Johnny then asked me what I wanted him to make appear. Because I also had Vegas in mind, I whispered "$100" in Vic's ear. Laughing at my ridiculous answer, Vic grabs the piece of paper that Johnny was holding, burns the paper and BOOM- a ring is in his hand and he kneels to pop the question.

Amidst trying to process everything, Vic asked me to sit down while simultaneously placing a portable speaker on the table. Playing loudly from the speaker is Vic singing the Adam Sandler "Grow Old With You" song. We both laughed so hard which turned into tears of joy and excitement for our next chapter! Then to off Vegas we flew!" 

Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs
Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs

How did you decide on Colony 29 for your wedding venue?

From the bride- "When the gates of Colony 29 opened, we fell in love with the property. Although we have gone to Palm Springs so many times, it was so fun and unexpected to come across the gem that Colony 29 is. Once the gates open, it feels like you are transported to a different world. Everywhere we looked, there was so much beautiful greenery and the street of spain and the villas seemed so enchanting. We knew this is where we wanted to spend our wedding weekend and our big day."

Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs
Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

From the bride- "My favorite part of the wedding was the part of the ceremony when we read our personal vows in front of our friends and family. For both of us, we knew that the ceremony was the centerpiece of our entire wedding day. When I kissed my mom and grandpa as they handed me off, it all became even more real that I'd soon be a Mrs. As Vic and I stood next to each other hand in hand in front of everyone- there was a sense of anticipation and nervousness- but once we started reading our vows, the nerves settled and it felt comfortable, exciting and we were full of emotions. For the several minutes we exchanged vows and it felt like we were the only people on that stage- exchanging heartfelt words of commitment and sharing stories that shaped us as a couple. I loved that there were tears (mostly mine lol) but there was laughter too- it was perfect, he was perfect!"

What are you most looking forward to in your marraige?

From the Groom- "I’m looking forward to continuing to grow as people and as a team with Elaine. I can’t wait to start a family (5 kids please!) and to experience all the joys that come with one and also to tackling all of the challenges the future holds head on together with Elaine."

From the Bride- "I am most looking forward to officially becoming husband and wife. I look forward to starting to plan for a family and continuing to build a life together. Up until this point we have already established some routines, accepted (and embraced) our differences or unique ways of thinking or doing things- I look forward to continuing to do so. Most of all, I look forward to growing old with my best friend and my person. It's amazing to think that we still have so much to learn about each other and we have a lifetime adventure together. I feel blessed to embark on a marriage where I don't have to ever be alone in conquering my biggest fears/pains and in celebrating the big and small milestones in life."

Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?

From the bride- "Vic and I love to travel, we've been to over 30 countries together and with travel being such a huge part of our growth and adventure as a couple, we wanted to incorporate that in our wedding. We wanted to give our guests an experience- anywhere from the physical beauty of the venue itself to spending quality time with our closest friends and family. I wanted our guests to feel like they were special and a part of our adventure. From the Where in the World Are You Sitting sign to naming tables after countries we've visited, I even made handmade postcards with a picture of us at the country. On top of that, it was so important to me to write every single guest a special hand written note. Even the welcome drinks were inspired by some of our favorite drinks for our travels!

Another big inspiration was wanting to make sure our personalities were present in the different touches of our wedding and that our guests felt comfortable to let loose and have fun. Our signature drinks were named after our favorites- Taylor Swift and Kobe Bryant. The flowers were bright, bold and fun. Vic even broke it down on the dance floor (numerous times) and it set the tone for an evening of fun! From the drinks to the dancing to the afterparty and weekend long celebration in the villas- we have so many memories that will last a lifetime."

Any advice for brides planning their wedding day?

From the Bride- "My piece of advice is to soak it all in. When you walk down the aisle, soak it all in- look at everyone, take your time and just be in the moment. When you make your vows, take a quick second to just soak in that you are about to make these vows and live out the day you both have been waiting for."

Colony 29 Wedding- Palm Springs

Wedding Highlight Film

Check out this amazing highlight video by wedding videographers Etcetera Productions. They are so talented!...

All photos captured by Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Lovisa Photo. If you liked this Palm Springs wedding, you may also be interested in Victor and Elaine's UCLA Engagement Session as well as this romantic Walnut Grove wedding

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: Colony 29
Photography: Lovisa Photo
Planning: Perfect the Event
Florist: Sibyl Sophia Floral Design
Hair and Makeup: Girl Meets Bongga
Videographer: Etcetera Productions
DJ: Vox DJs
Officiant: Come Alongside, Inc
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Rentals: Signature Rentals
Bridal Shop: La Soie Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Catering: Camellia Creative Catering and Events
Dress: Enzoani