Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream in Downtown Los Angeles

Neon sign at the museum of ice cream in downtown los angeles.

So by now you've all probably heard about the infamous Museum of Ice Cream in Downtown Los Angeles. It's hardly a museum, more so an experience. It features 10 rooms/galleries, featuring different ice cream themed art installations. 

I had been seeing friends posting pictures during their visit to the Museum of Ice Cream and really wanted to go but it was constantly sold out. Until one morning my sweet friend Shauntelle surprised me and said she had snagged us tickets to go in September (she had to book it several weeks in advance). Oh my goodness I was SO excited, and we decided to make a girls date day out of it. I realized I never share personal posts, so today I wanted to share some pictures from our fun day at the Museum of Ice Cream. 

Inflatable pool floats at the museum of ice cream in downtown los angeles.

When we first arrived at the MOIC, we spotted it from down the block as the entire outside of the building was bubble gum pink. We were told to wait in a short line, so we snapped a photo in front of the deliciously pink brick wall. Once inside, we were told we were allowed to take as long as we wanted in each room, but once you left a room, you had to continue forward and you couldn't reenter. 

Each room was a fun surprise filled with bright colors, fun patterns, and most of them with yummy treats which we of course indulged in. It felt like my childhood dreams had come to life before my eyes. Everything was so visually stimulating, and it was no wonder that people flocked here to capture the perfect Instagram photo. As we were taking photos throughout our visit, I kept joking that we must blend in with all of the fashion bloggers who come here to take photos. Call me Sincerely Jules. (jk!) 

I was absolutely obsessed with the pink palm leaf wall paper that graced one of the first rooms. It was so cheerful and represented Los Angeles and the rest of sunny California so well. 

One of the most unique experiences at the Museum of Ice Cream is a swimming pool filled with millions of sprinkles. It is such a popular photo opportunity that it is the only room that they give you a limited amount of time in. I had seen this spot photographed so many times before but I had no idea how FUN it would actually be! The funniest part about it is that for the rest of the day I kept finding sprinkles inside of my jeans! I was like a unicorn, leaving a trail of sprinkles everywhere I went. 

Our day at the Museum of Ice Cream was such a blast. Thank you to my friend Shaunie for putting together such a fun day for us! If you are able to get tickets, I would highly recommend visiting! I know this has been such a popular exhibit that they are opening a San Francisco location very soon that features completely different rooms. Check it out!

xx Erin

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