5 Year Anniversary- Punta Cana Excursions

5 Year Anniversary- Punta Cana Excursions

Hey guys! 

I am back to share with you about all the fun excursions we did in Punta Cana! I had so much to tell you about our stay at The Level at Melia Caribe that I figured I would make a separate post to talk about these fun excursions! 

In my previous post I mentioned that we stayed at an all-inclusive resort which has everything you could think of, you don’t even need to leave the resort! But for those of you that like to experience the culture and have a sense of adventure, I would highly recommend going on a few excursions! You can book these right at the resort, or you can have your travel agent arrange it for you.

While we were in Punta Cana, we decided on two different excursions: a dune buggy adventure, and horseback riding on the beach. These ended up being some of our favorite memories from this trip! 

The dune buggy adventure was so much more fun than I expected it to be! We started at a dune buggy camp, and rode through the Dominican Republic countryside to three different locations before heading back. First, we rode to a local plantation where we got to see how the locals make local coffee, Mama Juana (the local alcohol of choice), and cigars. Then we moved on to the second location where we cliff jumped into a natural cave! It was 25 feet deep and icy cold, which felt really good in the 90-degree heat! Lastly, we stopped at Macaow Beach which is one of the undeveloped “virgin” beaches in the Dominican Republic. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen! The water was so bright and gorgeous. Then we drove back to the dune buggy camp. The drive was so bumpy and we got so muddy, it was truly an adventure. One of the things Grant and I kept saying was that we really liked that this excursion gave us a great overview of some things that are exclusive to the Dominican Republic. 

Our second adventure was horseback riding on the beach. I used to take lessons as a kid, so I was so excited for this one. Grant had never been horseback riding, so I was even more excited to experience it with him. We took a short shuttle trip to Bavaro Beach and were introduced to our horses, Margarita and Coca-Cola. I guess they like beverages for names! We had so much fun and the view was amazing. At one point, they let us go full speed gallop down the beach! I was certainly in my happy place, and I was surprised that Grant handled the gallop so well for a first time rider! We kept saying that we couldn’t wait to go do something like that again.

So make sure to save a little room in your budget to go on an excursion or two during your trip! It will not disappoint!

xx Erin